Let’s Start 2017 with a great idea I would like to share with you all ! A product idea that has some Spice and Glitters… ! The ZAPADS !

Even if you managed to escape TV, some of your family members, friends, parents or neighbor dont have that LUCK ! – they are still trapped behind TV. You may be still bound with affective links to it, or find a bit of depressive habits with Tittytainment (check definition here) but you still understand that ADS and Brainwashing with commercial is not acceptable anymore in 2017 !

TO MAKE THINGS SHORT ! you cannot stand ADS anymore and you are RIGHT ! – I have a solution for you 🙂 !


First thing first, I have to say that it won’t be easy to do as the interests of the advertising community is waaaaaaay heavier than mine, anyway, I am sure that smart citizen can win over bullshit tv and the we together can make this dream come true, for humanity ! (tadaaa)

So … what is it, now it works etc…

WHO (am I ?)

I am a responsible invention agent — it means I invent solutions / products benefiting to users first.

WHAT (what is that thing ?)

A smart remote you put on your living room table – who shut the TV off (or mute) during Advertising momentums.

HOW (does it work ?)

The device will be idle, waiting for a start/end code indicating commercials are actually live streamed on TV – the device would then replace the annoying ads with no sound/no image or even replace this with cultural pictures/music/videos during the break. At the end of the commercials, the device will switch back to the program back again.

HOW (much does it cost ?)

Even if peace of mind is priceless, an OPEN SOURCE projet based on Arduino could limit the risks and price. It could be less than 50$ for a first product. After successful prototyping, a crowdsourcing project could be launched to build a mainstream version for the rest of US (including Aunt Annie)

WHEN (i want it noooooow !!)

Calm … that is where the story begins my friend, you have 3 ways to help !

  1. click on the PayPal button down here to help and give $$$ for the prototyping of the object
  2. click on the Slack button to join the slack project and move on (you are talented, I am sure)
  3. do nothing and let the world die with brainwashing and stupid ADs (go to

FAQ : 

Why not making a Kickstarter/Indiegogo ?

  • Good idea – we need to build a working prototype first !

Why this article looks like a draft ? – it looks like made in 10 minutes ?

  • In fact … It took me 10 minutes to write, I want to go fast now with the idea,…

Is there any chance to make it ?

  • Yes, with your help and passion, anything is possible !



Steve Raffner

The author Steve Raffner